Q:  We have an hp laser 4350 making noises that seems to be coming from the back of the printer.  The printer sound is like a grinding, rough sounding noise.  Has anyone heard of this

A:  hp laser 4350 making a grinding noise is a very common problem with these printers.  There are two parts in play that contribute to this noise; 4350 fuser assembly and 4350 swing plate assembly.  The hp laser 4350 swing plate assembly engages the fuser assembly via the black gear and drives the fuser assembly.  When the gears that are interconnected between the two become worn you will commonly experience the noise that is being described.  Simply replace the fuser assembly and swing plate assembly and the printer will sound like it did out of the box


Q:  I have an hp 4350 that when printing from the cassette tray 2 does so at roughly half of its normal page speed.  These are simple small Microsoft word documents, so I don’t think it is any sort of a memory (Ram) issue.  Any thoughts?

A:  If the media being used is a high fuser mode type then the printer speed will slow to about half and create conditions that are being described.  Check the paper type in the tray 2 to make sure it correlates with the media that is loaded in the tray.  Sometimes custom paper sizes can also cause the printing speed on an hp laser 4350 to slow.  Check that the paper size is set to a definite point as well as that the custom paper size is not selected on the paper tray.  If all the above check out, try replacing the paper tray, then possibly the sensors in the base of the printer.


Q;   I have an hp 4350 that suddenly stopped printing and fell off the network.  Everything was working fine and then print jobs started to get stuck in the print que.  After the jobs started to time out and fail I tried to log in via the web jet admin but the web just timed out.  I then proceeded to ping the printer which also failed.  Any ideas

A:  First check the IP settings of the printer by printing out a configuration page. Check to make sure all settings are set as they should.  Sometimes when you try printing out a configuration page the printer will not print the IP configuration page.  This can happen for a couple reasons.  The first is that the embedded NIC card has been disabled,  there is not enough memory installed, or finally that the network card has gone bad.  First make sure there is at least 80mb of ram, enable the NIC if its not and finally if all else fails replace the main formatter board. 



Q:  I have an hp laser 4350 perform printer maintenance message on my display.  The printer has been running well and is still running as is should be since the message has been on.  Is there something that I need to do to my printer or can we just clear the perform maintenance message and continue on.

A:  The perform printer maintenance message on a hp laserjet 4350 simply means the printer is due for its replacement rollers and fuser.  Every 200,000 pages printed the printer will prompt this message and it is recommended that all the rollers and fuser assembly be replaced.  It is in my experience that the rollers and fuser assembly wear out well before the 200,000 page count, so replacing maintenance kits before that point is very common.  The hp 4350 maintenance kits come with instructions with how to reset the page count and clear the perform printer maintenance message.


Q:  We have an hp laserjet 4350 printer with a tray 2 cassette that is not opening when we try to load paper.  What would cause the 4350 paper tray to get stuck?

A:  There is a small door which gives access to the separation roller in the tray 2.  That door is governed by a small spring which keeps that door from lifting up and getting caught on the inside of the printer.  I would be willing to bet that door is missing the spring for whatever reason and now the door is getting hung up when you try to open the tray.  Try going to the back of the printer and adjusting the front of the tray from there.  That should get the tray un stuck for you.  I would recommend replacing the paper tray once you got it out.                                                        


HP laserjet 4350 error 21

Printer cannot process the page quickly enough

Hp laser 4350 error 22 eio

Printers eio card in the slot has overflowed its I/O buffer

HP laser 4350 error 22 parallel I/O

The parallel buffer has overflowed during a busy state

Hp 4350 error 22 parallel I/0 Buffer overflow

The parallel buffer has overflowed during a busy state

HP laserjet 4350 error 40 EIO bad transmission

The connection with the card in the eio slot has been broken abnormally

HP 4350 error 41.3 unexpected paper size in tray

The media that is loaded is longer or shorter in the feed  direction than the size that is configured for the tray

HP laserjet 4350 error 41.1

A printer error has occurred unknown misprint error

HP 4350 41.2 error

A printer error beam detect misprint error

HP laserjet 4350 41.4 no vsync error

No vsync error

HP 4350 error 41.7

feed delay error

HP laserjet 4350 41.9

signal noise error

HP 4350 error 49.

A critical firmware error has occurred that caused the processor on the formatter to abort the operation

HP laser 49.24.02 error

A critical firmware error has occurred that caused the processor on the formatter to abort the operation

HP laserjet 51.1

A beam detect error has occurred

HP laser 51.2

A laser scanner laser error

HP laserjet 52.0

scanner error

HP laser 4350 error 52.1

scanner starup error

HP 4350 error 52.2

scanner rotation error

HP laser 4350 error 53.0 firmware dimm

ROM error

HP laserjet 4350 53.1

Ram error

Hp laser 4350 error 54.1

The print cartridge was installed with the sealing tape

HP laserjet 4350 error 55

The dc controller is not communicating with the formatter.  The problem could be caused by a timing error or an intermittent connection

HP 4350 error 56.1

An unknown input device is installed

HP laser 4350 56.2

An unknown output device is installed

Hp 4350 error 57.3

Printer error cooling fan right side

HP laserjet 4350 error 57.4

Printer error main cooling fan on the left side

Hp laser 4350 error 57.7

The cooling fan in the optional duplexer is not functioning

HP laserjet 4350 error 58.2

Air temperature sensor error

HP laser 4350 error 58.3

Dc controller error

HP 4350 58.4 error

Power supply error

HP laser 4350 error 59.0

Main motor error

HP laserjet 4350 error 59.1

Main motor startup error

HP laser 4350 error 59.2

Main motor rotation error

HP 4350 error 59.4

Print cartridge motor error

HP 4350 error 59.2

Main motor not functioning correctly

HP laserjet 4350 error 59.4

Print cartridge drive motor is not functioning properly

HP 4350 error 60.2

The tray 2 lifter motor is not functioning

HP laser 4350 error 60.3

The tray 3 lifter motor is not functioning

HP 4350 error 60.4

The tray 4 lifter motor is not functioning

HP laserjet 4350 error 62

No system (firmware image) was found

hp laser 4350 error 64

A scan buffer error has occurred

HP laserjet 4350 error 66.00.15

The stacker or stapler stacker was removed and then replaced while the printer was on

HP laser 4350 error 66.12

A stacker error has occurred

HP laser 4350 error 68.0

A nonvolatile storage device is full

HP laserjet 4350 error 68.1

The removable disk storage device is failing

HP 4350 error 69

The optional duplexer is not functioning

HP 4350 error 79

A critical hardware error has occurred


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