Within the realm of social networks it is suffice to say that Google plus is trailing the pack, that is if you consider Google plus a social network.  If you ask Google social and mobile global marketing director Rikard Steiber  that answer is going to be that Google plus is not a social network, moreover its like brining a social layer to everything that people are doing on Google such as utilizing search, Youtube, maps, Gmail et. 

So why did we decide to utilize Google plus for our business?  Google is the most frequented of all websites with nearly 1 billion visitors each month.  With Google plus business page it allows us to target our customers that are visiting Google and deliver content that they are looking for more efficiently and effectively. Some of our customers have begun partaking in our feedback sessions by taking advantage of the Google Plus hangout feature allowing them to chat with us face to face.  There have so far been numerous cases where management has been able to meet a customer’s team to discuss new deployments as well as strategizing for future optimization.  This adds a much greater personalization to the social networking experience.

For us our Google Plus page is in its infancy, but like any new venture we plan on cultivating it and continuing to deliver our customers the content that they are looking for when they are looking for it.  Come check us out today and add us to your circle!!!