HP LaserJet/Laser P4515 Quick Reference Guide

General Info

HP LaserJet P4515

HP LaserJet 4515n

Model Number C8519A CB514A
Release Date May 01 Feb 08
Max Speed 50 ppm 62 ppm
Max DPI 1200 1200
Memory Min/Max 64 MB/384 MB 128MB/640MB
Duty Cycle 150,000 pgs/month 275,000 pgs/month
Recommended Maint. Interval 300,000 pgs/month 225,000 pgs/month
Service PIN 09905004 05451508

HP LaserJet/Laser P4515n Printer Repair Parts

Fuser, 110v RM1-4554 (P4015/P4515) In Stock
Maintenance Kit, 110v CB388A In Stock
Multipurpose Kit CB506-67905 (tray 1) In Stock
Cassette Roller Kit CB506-67904 (trays 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) In Stock
Tray 1 Pick Up Roller RL1-1641 In Stock
Tray 1 Feed Roller RL1-1663 In Stock
Tray 1 Separation Roller RL1-1654 In Stock
Tray 2 & 3 Pickup Roller RM1-0036 In Stock
Tray Feed/Separation Rollers RM1-0037 In Stock
Transfer Roller Kit CB506-67903 In Stock
Formatter CB438-69001 (network) In Stock
Firmware Download Only In Stock
Toner Cartridge, 10,000 pg CC364A In Stock
Toner Cartridge, 24,000 pg CC364X (P4014/P4015) In Stock
Laser Scanner Asm RM1-5465  

HP LaserJet/Laser P4515 Printer Repair Common Codes

Error Code 13 Paper Jam/Paper Jamming  
Error Code 10.10.10 Supplies Error  
Error Code 41.3 Unexpected Paper Size  
Error Code 49 Firmware Error  
Error Code 50 Fuser Error  
Error Code 51 Beam Detect Error  
Error Code 52 Scanner Error  
Error Code 53 Printer Memory Error  
Error Code 59 Main Motor Error  
Error Code 60.4 Lifter Motor Error  
Error Code 68 Permanent Storage Error  
Error Code 79 Critical Hardware Error Has Occurred  
Error Code 80 EIO Error  

HP LaserJet P4515n Printer Repair Manual   acrobat

List of Contents HP LaserJet P4515 Printer

Quick access to product information
Product Comparison
Product Features
Product Walk-around
Supported Operating Systems
Supported Produce Software
Control Panel Layout
Show Me How Menu
Retrieve Job Menu
Information Menu
Paper Handling Menu
Configure Device Menu
Supported Paper and Print Media Sizes
Supported Paper and Print Media Types
Tray and Bin Capacity
Special Paper or Print Media Guidelines
Load Trays
Configure Trays
Use Paper Output Options
Print the Information and Show me how Pages
Use the Embedded Web Server
Use HP Web Jetadmin Software
Use Security Features
Manage Supplies

HP LaserJet P4515/P4515n Printer Overview

HP Laserjet P4515 P4515n P4515tn and P4515x Printer repair and service

Breakthroughs in toner technology has allowed HP to manufacture the HP Laserjet P4515 printer with incredible speeds of up to 62 pages per minute with the reliability and performance that one has come to expect from HP.  Since the release of the hp laserjet p4515 hp laser p4515n printer hp laserjet p4515tn and hp laserjet p4515x printer our technicians have become certified to provide hp laserjet p4515 printer repair.  Laserzone Certified hp laserjet p4515 printer repair technicians are always equipped with all of the necessary p4515 parts needed to repair and service the device.   With our traveling parts depot our technicians not only stock the common parts see FIG A, but also many of the less common parts see FIG B

Certified P4515 P4515n P4515tn and P4515x Printer Repair and Service Technician

Following HP’s training regimen our HP certified P4515 repair technicians have followed many in-depth programs that have allowed them to master fixing the p4515 series.  This multi-level program has guided our service technicians through general troubleshooting all the way down to component level.  Not only are all of our certified techs authorized to repair from a basic trouble shooting standpoint, but are trained in servicing all of the p4515 error codes see FIG C.  For those customers that would prefer to have their printers serviced in-house, we also have an authorized hp laserjet p4515 service center that customers can drop their printers off at. 


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Authorized Printer Repair Center
  • HP On-Site Printer Repair Service
  • HP In-House Printer Repair Service
  • HP LaserJet P4515n Printer Set-Up
  • HP Laser P4515 Printer UPGrades
  • HP 4515 Printer OEM Supplies
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