Laserzone announces partnership with Xerox.

 With careful consideration Laserzone is pleased to announce our partnership with Xerox.  Why partner with Xerox?  Though a there seems an obvious answer to this question it was one that we spent a considerable amount of time pondering.  At Laserzone we pride ourselves on being able to offer top notch service for all of the manufacturers we represent.  That being said we wanted to make sure the integration of Xerox fit our overall business plan and would enhance our services rather than convolute them.  After several months of planning with the district and regional managers of Xerox we were able to choose a track that would fit into our current business model and offer our clients an extension of our already award winning service.   Some of the obvious reasons for partnering with Xerox are that it was CRN’s 2011 best companies to partner with, the winner of the CRN tech innovator award for managed services as well as VTN manufacturer partner of the year.  What can laserzone offer by way of Xerox solutions today?  Our strategic partnership now allows us to offer Xerox on two fronts.  Sales and service


As an authorized Xerox channel partner we are now a full resource when purchasing Xerox products.  Our sales lines include Xerox color printers ranging from the Xerox phaser 6010 to the Xerox phaser 7800, Black and white Xerox printers ranging from the phaser 3250 to the phaser 5500, Xerox color multi-function devices ranging from the Xerox workcentre 6015 to the Xerox workcentre 7556, and finaly the Xerox black and white multi-function printers from the Xerox workcentre 3210 to the Xerox workcentre 5755.  We also provide all printer supplies items for all Xeroxes including toner, belts, ink, and drums.


As an authorized service provider we are now a complete resource for all warranty and non warranty service that may be needed for your Xerox devices.  Xerox has comprehensive training programs that our technicians have now completed.  Our team is equipped them with the complete knowledge required to service the complete Xerox line.   We also now have complete access to the entire Xerox Parts supply line, giving us an advantage that non authorized Xerox dealers lack.