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System error 01:10
A problem with the Electronics module has occurred.
System error 01:11
The electronics module has detected a connection problem with the cooling fan.
System error 01:12
The EEROM is not configured correctly.
System error 01:13
A problem with the Electronics module has occurred.
System error 02:10 A problem has occurred with the carriage assembly
System error 02:13
A problem has occurred with the carriage assembly.
System error 03:10
A problem has occurred with the printers power supply.
System error 04:11
Jetdirect network card not detected.
System error 05:09 (DJ 500 only)
Formatter installed instead of HP-GL/2 accessory card.
System error 05:10 (DJ 800 only) Formatter card failure, or Formatter card not detected
System error 05:10 (DJ 500 only) HP-GL/2 accessory card failure
System error 06:03 (DJ 800 only) Hard disk error
System error 08:11
The front panel cannot be detected.
System error 11:11
The trailing cable is poorly connected
System error 11:13
Problem with setting the voltage of the printheads
System error 12:11
A short has been detected in the carriage assembly.
System Error 17:11 (DJ 500 only)
A problem has been detected while initializing.
System error 21:10
A problem has been detected with the Service Station assembly.
System error 21:11
A problem has been detected with the Service Station assembly.
System error 22:10
A problem has been detected with the Ink Supply Station.
System error 41:10
A problem has been detected with the Paper-Axis motor
System error 41:13
An error in the paper-axis motor encoder quadrature has occurred.
System error 42:10
A problem has occurred with the Scan-Axis motor.
System error 43:10
A problem has occurred with the Vacuum fan.
System error 43:11
The Vacuum fan is not detected.
System error 55:11
A problem with the line sensor has occurred.
System error 56:10
Drive roller encoder sensor error.
System error 56:13
An error in the drive roller encoder sensor quadrature has occurred.
System error 61:04
Firmware error.
System error 61:05 The printer was not able to process a job that was sent.
System error 62:03
Parallel port communication problem
System error 63:03
LAN card communication problem.
System error 64:03
USB port communication problem.
System error 64:04
Firmware error (USB port).
System error 65:03
Generic input/output port communication problem.
System error 71:04
Problem allocating memory.
System error 71:06 Out of memory problem.
System error 72:04
Problem in the scan-axis (firmware error).
System error 73:04
Server error.
System error 79:04
Miscellaneous firmware error.
System error 81:01
Paper-axis shutdown.
System error 81:11
Paper-axis shutdown (during the paper advance test).
System error 85:10
Paper-axis shutdown (during the paper advance test).
System error 86:01
Carriage-Axis shutdown.
System error 86:11
Carriage-axis shutdown (during the carriage movement test).
System error 86:13
Carriage-Axis shutdown (firmware error).
System error 87:13
Unable to read the carriage encoder sensor.
System error 93:10
Ink System startup failed.

Table of contents


  • Troubleshooting System Error Codes
  • Performing a Service Test on a Failed Assembly
  • Service tests and utilities
  • Internal self tests
  • Performing the Necessary Service Calibrations
  • Solving Print Quality Problems
  • The Printer does not Power ON
  • Cover Sensors are not Working
  • The Line Sensor has Problems Detecting Media
  • Troubleshooting Paper-Axis Shutdowns
  • Problems with the Vacuum Fan
  • Vacuum suction much lower at high altitudes
  • HP-GL/2 color differences in different HP DesignJet Printers
  • Banding at variable extreme environmental conditions
  • The Priming Procedure Fails
  • Using the Power Switch LED to Troubleshoot
  • Using the Boot-Up Sequence to Troubleshoot

Service Codes Introduction

System error codes consist of four digits that explain which component or system is failing and what action should be taken to correct the problem. The information below provides an explanation of the error and the recommended action to be taken.

Continuable and non-continuable error codes

Some error codes are continuable, which means that it is possible to press the Enter key on the front panel and to continue working with the printer. Non-continuable error codes do not allow work with the printer to continue.

HP DesignJet 500 Printer - 24” Model (P/N C7769B)
HP DesignJet 500 Printer - 42” Model (P/N C7770B)
HP DesignJet 500PS Printer - 24” Model (P/N C7769C)
HP DesignJet 500PS Printer - 42” Model (P/N C7770C)
HP DesignJet 800 Printer - 24” Model (P/N C7779B)
HP DesignJet 800 Printer - 42” Model (P/N C7780B)
HP DesignJet 800PS Printer - 24” Model (P/N C7779C)
HP DesignJet 800PS Printer - 42” Model (P/N C7780C)

LaserZone HP DesignJet  500/800 Series Service Manual

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • General service and maintenance
  • Setup, install and configure
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Certified and HP trained technicians
  • In house DesignJet repair service
  • On-site DesignJet repair service
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Factory warranty repairs and services
  • Annual Service Agreements
  • Hardware repair contracts

LaserZone, Inc. provides an array of services to fit your individual needs

Get DesignJet Printer Repair Service. FAST.

Southern California-based LaserZone, Inc. is an HP Authorized DesignJet repair center in Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura.  Our team of experts will help resolve your DesignJet printer  issues quickly and efficiently. You can call us at 800-610-5610, drop by the service center or contact us here online to schedule a service appointment. Ask about our first time customer discount for HP DesignJet repair.
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HP Authorized DesignJet Plotter Repair Service Company Orange County LA

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