Laserzone launches Facebook Page

Laserzone is proud to announce our new and updated Facebook page.  Facebook was one of the first social networks created during the “boom” years and has cemented itself as “the social network”.  The number of users on Facebook is absolutely staggering with nearly a 7th of the entire population utilizing it.  With so many users, Facebook has become a wonderful opportunity for businesses such as us to target not only new customers, but to maintain contact with old ones.  What are some of the uses that Facebook provides to our customers?  Well to start it has been a great medium for getting out the word on our promotions as well as to advertise our ever changing inventory of products and services.   Some of the other ways we are utilizing Facebook can be found below.

Focusing on our Targeted customers:

Though Facebook has a global presence we have a much more targeted approach and only focus on those customers that are not only within our geographic location, but also those that are within the vertical markets that we specialize in.

Focusing on customer benefits:

Too many businesses focus on a self-centered approach where they only highlight aspects of themselves.  Within the Laserzone Facebook page we are striving to highlight what we view are the consumers interests and how those interests will directly apply to their end value.

Posting pictures:

There is no better way to tell a story than by utilizing pictures.  Laserzone’s Facebook page is committed to showing you the behind the scenes story that we have to offer.  Our goal is to upload new video folders weekly and always continue telling a story.


Finally the most important thing we can do is to continue to stay in contact with our customers.  By constantly updating our promotions, sales events, and other news, our facebook page is certain to keep all of our customers abreast of the latest Laserzone happenings.