LaserZone Inc. ManageMent Team


Chris Kordash

As president and ceo of Laserzone Inc chris kordash is responsible for Laserzone’s day to day operations as well as leading the companies national sales efforts.  Chris Kordash was promoted to CEO of Laserzone Inc in 2007 after having previously worked with the company for 5 years.  Chris has developed numerous programs that have given way to a meteoric surge in growth.  Since accepting the position of Chief Executive Officer at Laserzone Chris has grown sales at a continues rate of 35% per year for what is now running on its 5th year. 
Chris holds a Business Administration degree with a concentration in E-commerce/information systems from Seattle University. 

Sandra Alvarez

Sandra Alvarez serves as the general manager of Laserzone, overseeing the accounting and technical departments.  Her day to day activities involve the coordination of service scheduling and general management of account representatives.  Sandy brings a wide range of talents that give her the unique ability of bridging the gap between the technical and administrative departments. 
Sandra Alvarez holds an associate degree from Santa Monica College, and a business administration degree from Cal State Fullerton

Cherie Nichols

Cherie Nichols has been with Laserzone since 1991 and currently oversees the billing and collections department.   Her day to day responsibilities include maintaining the currency of accounts, handling delinquent accounts, and all other general accounting practices.
Cherei holds a BA in Liberal studies from Antioch University with a concentration in business management/accounting