LaserZone is Dedicated to Impoving Day to Day Operations

We are proud to announce the integration of one of the most powerful monitoring suites available on the market today; FM Audit.  Due to the increasing shift to managed print services, FM Audit was the logical switch for us at Laserzone Inc.  To better explain FM Audit and how it will better serve our customers it’s important to explain what FM Audit does. 
FM Audit is an extremely powerful program that monitors a company’s fleet of printers and reports that information to Laserzone.  This information stems from the overall status of devices, to scheduled maintenance, page counts et.  It allows us to provide our customers with complete management of all of their devices under one easy to access system.  Not only does FM Audit provide this information but it also provides a seamless integration to our financial systems, thus taking out redundancy that is so often found within managed print billing.  At the heart of every FM Audit system is the SNMP application layer protocol.  This is the language that FM audit uses to communicate with the network system and return the information that is crucial to any Managed print service.

At the center of all concerns regarding managed print services is of course security.  Though it will only briefly be touched on here there is comprehensive documentation regarding security.   The SNMP language does allow for both read and write commands, though within FM Audit on Read commands are enabled.  All information is sent as an attachment to an email through (port 25) or an XML stream (port 80).  Of course this information is always sent encrypted and requires a username and password for authentication.  All end user data is confidential and never saved by any of the applications.
Ultimately FM Audit is helping Laserzone stay ahead of the curve and delivers what most companies cannot: Comprehensive Managed Print services.  Call today and you can find for yourself how our services can not only help your company better manage your printer fleet, but most importantly how you can save substantially on your printer costs.