Laserzone is proud to announce a joint venture with HP that has resulted in the wrapping of our service vehicle fleet.

 The past two years have been good to us and in turn our overall growth numbers have captured the attention of our representatives at HP.  In recognition of our efforts our last quarterly meeting with our regional HP representative resulted in a full grant for the wrapping of our service vehicles.  HP has been so pleased with our recent growth and acquisitions within the printer repair and supplies industry that they have agreed to fund the wrapping costs of our service vehicles that are out servicing the southern California community. 

Upon receiving the news our art department became busy at work creating and designing what would essentially be the new face of Laserzone out on the roads.  There was quite a competition at Laserzone with a battle between three of our designers.  The good news was that we used pieces from everyone’s ideas to create what became a collage of ideas.  There was no clear cut winner, but each are going to get to share in the joy of seeing there work out on the road servicing printers. 

The challenge for designing the wrap of the service vehicle was to incorporate an image that portrayed the 4 facets of our document output management company: Sales, Service, Solutions, and Supplies.  As it has been said, we needed to tell a story with pictures.  HP was very helpful with this design process, by offering us a number of high resolution pictures and templates to choose from and incorporate into our wrap design.  Ultimately we with the help of the entire Laserzone team we  finalized our design.  Give us a honk when you see us out on the road!!