At our last quartery IT meeting the subject of printing cost was addressed.  To date our company had been spending nearly $40k a year on printer service, support and supplies.  This was a number, that in our opinion, was much to high.  We began contacting Los Angeles printer repair and service centers to discuss our options.  After a bidding process Laserzone printer repair came in with the most efficient and cost effective bid.  When it was all said and done, our efficiency was dramatically increased while our costs were reduced nearly 30%.  I couldn’t recommend this company enough.


Last week I had Laser zone printer repair in Los Angeles service a couple of my printers at my downtown office location. To start, I was so used to my old printer repair and service company charging me just to come out to look at the printers before even working on them. To my surprise Laserzone not only diagnosed my printer's problems but repair it under one charge. Though parts were separate charge, they were reasonably priced and the tech had everything he needed with him.  All and all I'm glad to have found Laserzone printer repair in Los Angeles and am going to use them in our other sites around the country.

Stacy-IT Director

I looked online and found three companies that provide printer repair in Los Angeles. The first wanted to charge us $1,160 before taxes, to service our three printers. The second place wanted to charge us $1,070 before taxes. Then I called Laserzone printer repair. They would only charge us $766 with taxes for all three! Their labor rate was about the same as the other companies, but they gave us a considerable discount since we were having multiple printers serviced. Their cost for the HP maintenance kits were $75-$99 cheaper than the other places I called.  So glad I found you guys!

Rick-Desktop support

I’ve had one office printer in Los Angeles that needed service.  This was a printer that I haven't used for over 3 years and I had another printer that has had to be booted by me every time I need to print something. The technician arrived promptly and was very knowledgeable.  He cleaned both printers and reinstalled the drivers on which resolved the problem.  A good thorough cleaning on the other got it up and running like it used to. 
It was a good experience, though I hope I don't have to see them for awhile (that would mean that I'm not having anymore problems)

Terry- IT support

If you are looking for managed print services and a way to dramatically reduce the cost that you are spending to maintain your document output management environment, then Laserzone is your company. Laserzone is a Los Angeles printer repair company that is professional, knowledgeable and will deliver when it comes to making print environments more efficient and cost effective to operate.  Give these guys a call you won’t be disappointed!

Rick-Office Manager