Ten reasons to use LaserZone for all your printer repair needs

#1 Trust experience

Over the past 22 years Laserzone Printer repair has established itself as Southern California’s Number one choice for Printer service, supplies and sales.   From the beginning we have realized that our business is meeting the unique needs of each and every one of our customers.  Our wide range of services and contract packages have saved our customers up to 40% off what they are currently spending on their print environment.   Having formed elite partnerships with all of the major OEM manufacturers including HP, Xerox, Brother, Dell, and Canon and requiring our technical team to participate in a minimum 20 hours of classroom training annually, we are well equipped to handle any environment in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Whether you are a one person home office or a fortune 500 company you can Trust the experience of Laserzone to deliver the service that you would expect as a valued client. 

#2 Major manufacturer authorizations and certifications

Within each company there are unique requirements needed to meet ones document output demands.  These needs can require a firm to deploy a variety of devices ranging from stand alone printers, copiers, scanners, plotters and MFP printers.  At Laserzone we understand this need and have strategically acquired authorizations and certifications amongst the top manufacturers including HP, Xerox, Brother, Dell, Lexmark, and Canon.  By carefully selecting these partnerships we have become an all inclusive solution for the most diverse of print environments. 

#3 Client Roster

Only with time and consistent performance can a firm earn trust.  For 22 years we have proven ourselves as the only choice for premier printer service, supplies and sales.  Our reputation as an industry leader has propelled us to represent some of the most revered companies out there.  Some of those companies include 2 of the top 10 largest law firms in the country, one of the largest financial firms in the world as well as one of the top entertainment companies in the nation.

#4 Continuing education

The technical landscape is ever changing.  In order to provide our customers with peak performance it is our responsibility to stay abreast of the latest developments.  In lieu of this, our technicians are required to participate in ongoing training with a minimum of 20 classroom hours a year.  Our classroom training combines both theoretical discussion as well as hands on disassembly and reassembly troubleshooting. This guarantees that we have all of the technical know how to diagnose repair and ultimately to get your mission critical equipment up and running as quickly as possible.

#5 Large stock of inventory

Down time is the term referred to the amount of time that a printer is not functioning.  From day one we realized how important it is to get our clients back online as quickly as possible.  While possessing technical know how is a large step of that process, having the proper parts on hand to repair a device is equally as important. That being said we carry a million dollar plus inventory and stock our traveling service vehicles accordingly.  This nearly guarantees that we will have nearly every part to every printer that we service at the time of the appointment.  Proudly we can boast a near 95% uptime of our client’s office equipment.

#6 Partnership

Strategic partnership allows a company to extend their networked reach and offer services that are outside of their core competencies.  Our partnerships extend beyond the major manufacturers into a wide range of support  affiliates which include a host of technical support services including networking devices, fleet management monitoring, and cloud computing to name a few.  This large network of partnerships allows us to accommodate an even larger range of necessary solutions across a vast range of geographic areas.

#7 Environmental sustainability

We are committed to environmental sustainability and eco friendly green practices.  We are now a part of many initiatives that help to reduce our carbon foot print.  Some of those are our 100% zero landfill initiative supplies recycling program, Plant a tree foundation, mammal Thing. We also strive to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint through “smart printing practices” including duplexing printing and scanning solutions.   Together with our customers we are growing towards a greener tomorrow.

#8 Dedicated account managers

Because all print environments and the companies that operate within them have specific needs we have dedicated account mangers to specifically serve you and your environment.  Our specialized account managers are trained to understand your unique needs and to deliver on those in an in quick and efficient manner.  This saves redundancy and hassle on the part of the client and creates a truly seamless experience.

#9 2-4 hour response

We serve nearly 50 geographic regions across the country.  Each area is represented by a network of Laserzone technicians that are always standing by to deliver outstanding service.   Our integrated dispatching software allows our technicians to respond to new service calls immediately and we proudly advertise a 2-4 hour response time on all new service calls that come in.

# 10 The customer is #1

At laserzone we understand that we are hear to serve you.   If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Each client we deal with is equally as important as the next and we work as hard as we can to prove that day in and day out.  Give us a call today and find out why we are rated the #1 Printer Repair, Service, and Sales company in Southern California!!