Arcadia, named after the Greek city of the same name, is an affluent community in Los Angeles County. Nestled in the foothills of the eastern San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles county. It boasts some of the most popular destinations of the area including the Santa Anita racetrack and the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Laserzone has a longstanding relationship with the business communtiy there and continues to provide our signature, excellent service to the Arcadia to this day.

We had an especially successful relationship with a business a few years ago when a medium sized accounting firm was looking for a new printer repair service. They had been having problems for the past couple years with their current HP printer repair service. They were pretty sure that they had been receiving inflated printer service rates from their service and they knew for a fact that they should be getting better response time. As anyone who works in the accounting sector knows, printer downtime is incredibly destructive to business operations during tax time. If a printer isn't working the business will suffer and deadlines won't get met. In short, an accounting firm simply can't afford to have substandard printer service. This particular accounting firm in Arcadia needed a company that could guarantee them expedient and preofessional hp laserjet printer repair service at a fair rate.  This is exactly where Laserzone inc printer service repair thrives and we told them as much when they contacted us. We told them that we send someone out right away to blow their socks off with how much time and money we could save them. Within a few hours we had one of our authorized and certified managed print service representatives out there at their offices to meet with management and begin a full audit on every aspect of their document output environment. True to our word we were able to quickly identify that indeed this company was being grossly overcharged, their response time was unneccessarily long and on top of all this there was no real system of preventative maintenance in practice. For an accounting firm this is like playing “Russian Roulette” with your business.  After completing the intial audit we drafted a proposal that would not only reduce their printing costs by nearly 25%, reduce service response time from 2-3 days to around 4 hours, but through implementing a maintenance strategy we were able to give them a much needed sense of security that their printer fleet would almost never experience any unexpected downtime. We did this by installing our HP printer fleet management software so that we could receive regular usage reports which allowed us to keep up with preventative printer maintenance and anticipate any issues that may arise.

The above is one of the many stories which demonstrate our excellent relationship with Arcadia businesses. Some of the many office buildings that we provide printer service to are as follows


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