Bell is located on the west bank of the Los Angeles River and is a suburb of the city of Los Angeles, CA. The city is named for James George Bell a pioneer who settled the area in 1876. It's a small city but it has a typically high population density like most cities in Los Angeles. Laserzone has been serving multiple businesses and offices in Bell for several years. We have had the opportunity to improve the printing capabilities of many businesses in Bell. One such story stands out as especially beneficial to one of our clients there.

A construction contracting office in Bell contacted us looking for a new all around managed print service for all their printers which included: Dell, Brother and HP laserjet. They needed a service that could also handle all of the supply ordering for all of these printers as well. They had heard that some print service companies offer these comprehensive packages which make print management much easier and more cost and time efficient. If Laserzone is contacted about our  managed print services, we waste no time in sending out one of our certified  print technicians to assess the entire print environment.  Dring this visit we examine the current usage rates, the total cost of ownership and we come up with a strategy to help the business improve upon their print systems to maximize output while reducing costs. As is usually the case, we found some misinformed printing practices as soon as we arrived at their offices. For one thing this company was using mostly their high cost single function devices while neglecting many of their lower cost, higher volume printers. By re-routing their more inefficient print designations we were able to cut their per page printing costs by nearly 30%. Then we turned to their print supplies ordering and there Laserzone was able to cut their costs by an additional 25%. Before leaving the site we installed our HP managed print software which allows us to run usage reports anytime so that we can schedule appropriate maintenance and ordering. This makes it so it is almost unheard of for a printer to suffer any unneccessary downtime. By doing all of this we were able to cut their overall print service costs by 50% and reduce the time and energy they would need to dedicate to their print down to almost nothing as we would be keeping track of their printer fleet from here on out. We are still working with this Bell contracting office and they have spread the word in the community earning us several more contracts.
This is only one example of many times we have saved busniesses significant money and time with our  hp printer repair and services. Some of the many office buildings in Bell, CA we provide service to can be found below.


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