Bellflower, California is a suburb of Los Angeles located about 20 miles to the southeast of Downtown. Originally settled by immigrant groups of dairy farmers of Dutch, Japanese, and Portuguese descent the city took its name from the bellefleur apple, which was grown in locally during the early 1900s. As of 2010 the population of Bellflower was at 76,616 which had risen up from 72,878 at the 2000 census. Bellflower continues to grow in population and in its local commerce and we have been happy to meet their increasing print service needs.

Recently our service was requested for a Bellflower medical group that was unhappy with their HP printer repair service. It seems that this medical group had been using the same repair service for years and had been suffering inflated printer service rates and unacceptable response times. If your business relies heavily on your print capability you know that printer downtime is incredibly inconvenient and reflect very poorly on your professionality to your clients. This Bellflower medical group felt that they were being over charged and and that they were starting to lose business due to these factors. They decided that they needed a printer repair service that had fair rates for hp laserjet printer repair service and would also respond to their service needs quickly. When they contacted Laserzone we discussed our rates and they were very pleased. We also ensured them that we could provide a significantly faster response time and we would get the job done in a timely manner as well. We sent one of our authorized and certified managed print service representatives to go out to their offices and conduct a full evaluation of their document output system. What we found was  one of the most inefficient print envoronments that we have ever encountered. In addition to the previously mentioned overcharging and bad response time their previous print service provider had advised them to use a print flow that made absolutely no sense in terms of cost efficiency. It was as if their previous service was intentionally allowing this business to run through print supplies more quickly so that they could charge them more often. Not only this but there was no preventative maintentanance program in place at all. Our Laserzone representative drafted a proposal that would not only reduce their costs by nearly 35%, reduce response time from 2 days to 4 hours, but we could also put a maintenance plan in place that would make it so they would very rarely ever have  a down printer. We set up usage reports that we would be able to assess and provide a regular and appropriate maintenance. Next we installed our HP printer fleet management software and we were able to streamline all their printer repair and printer supplies through one channel.
The above is one of many different examples of the Bellflower businesses that we provide our authorized printer repair and service to. Some of the many office buildings that we provide printer service to are as follows


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