Beverly Hills, or better know as the luxury capital in the world, has been a staple of the printer repair service that we cater to. Located only 3 miles from our corporate headquarters Laserzone has been providing Beverly Hills printer repair since our inception. Much like the high caliber of business that commences in Beverly Hills, Laserzone provides a level of printer repair and service that parallels just that. Our Beverly Hills printer repair and service runs the gamete from Beverly Hills school districts, to Beverly hills financial institutions, Beverly hills government and Beverly hills medical facilities. With over 20 years of experience servicing companies nationwide we have acquired the expertise to service all vertical markets. Just as important though are those smaller Beverly Hills home offices, which hold a special place in Laserzone printer repairs history. Whether you are a global corporation with 5000 printers or a home office with one, both are of equal importance to us and will be handled with a level of professionalism that you have come to expect.

At laserzone we like to highlight how our services are unique to a particular area. That being said we choose one case study to not only highlight our services, but also demonstrate how we are managing and servicing Beverly Hills.

Laserzone was approached by a Beverly Hills medical facility roughly 18 months ago to assist in managing their out of control printer fleet. Printer repair in Beverly Hills is our specialty as well as offering those services within the medical field. What we encountered was no surprise to us. The firm had roughly 75 printers across two major manufacturers. Many of the printers that needed service were the low volume devices which sat on many of the employees desks. The current strategy was to essentially throw away the printers when the needed service and purchase new ones. This was not only terribly impractical when factoring in the time to order and setup, but extremely costly as well. As it stood their total cost of ownership for printer repair as well as printer supplies was nearly 7 cents a page. Even scarier was that these costs were for black and white printing. Something needed to change and fast.

The Beverly hills printer repair Problem:

Unmanageable printer fleet with soaring costs, and unrealistic service approach.
The Beverly hills printer service Solution:
Laserzone approached this situation like we have done with most Beverly Hills printer repair corporate opportunities. The first thing we needed to do was consolidate their printer fleet and then insert higher volume lower cost devices that would be suitable to repair and manage over time. Not long after we were approached for Beverly hills printer repair by this medical facility Laserzone was able to cut the number of printers and related devices to 30 and cut printer repair and associated management costs by 30%.
Laserzone is proud to be a repair and service company with a dominant presence in beverly hills. A small number of the business locations we are proud to provide service to in Beverly hills are as follows.

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