City of commerce is a unique city where nearly 13,000 residents call it home and over 60,000 people call it home to work. There are nearly 1800 business currently operating in the city of commerce and 60% of all land in the city limits are devoted to business. As one can see this is very important to the economic life of the city. City of Commerce is home to all types of businesses form aerospace, to manufacturing, accounting, health and governmental. With such a diverse business climate there comes a need for a qualified authorized printer repair service center. Laserzone Inc printer repair has been providing a host of repair and service options to the city of commerce for a number of years now. At laserzone we are an authorized brother printer repair service center, dell printer repair service center, and HP laserjet printer repair center. With so many different industries operating in the city of commerce there come many unique challenges that have to be met. One such example can be found below

City of Commerce is home to many aerospace companies that manufacturer parts for everything from airplanes, to spaceships and satellites. This industry will run in spurts between contracted jobs, so when it comes time to fulfill a particular order all hands are on deck and everything just needs to work. When we were approached by this company for printer repair and service they currently had an authorized printer repair company servicing their devices. What was interesting that while the company that they had was doing a good enough job, they were not meeting one requirement, which was a guarantee to overall uptime. Downtime simply was not in the cards for this company when trying to fulfill contract requests, and they needed a better solution. After analyzing their environment we found many well deployed high volume low cost devices throughout. So far so good right? Well the problem lay in how those hp laser printers were being managed. After a closer look we discovered that they were lacking in a true monitoring system as well as having any scheduled maintenance in place. By overlooking this seemingly obvious detail this opened the door to unforeseen maintenance problems. It has been said that nearly 90% of all breakdowns could be avoided if preventative maintenance cleanings were in place. This all being said we installed our remote monitoring software into their environment, set usage reports as well as a quarterly cleanings. After operating in this environment for only 3 months Laserzone printer repair and our authorized technicians cut their service calls by nearly 90%: A truly impressive number that both ourselves and this company are extremely proud of.

We provide a host of authorized printer repair and service options to our customers, including dell, Lexmark, brother, hp, as well as officejets, inkjets, designjets and plotters. Some of the many business locations we provide repair and service to are as follows.

5801 Eastern/E. Slauson Ave., Commerce, 90040

5701 S. Eastern Avenue, Commerce, 90040

5800 South Eastern Avenue, Commerce, 90040

6403 E Slauson Ave, Commerce, 90040


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