The city of orange is a growing and virbrant community in the heart of orange county, ca. With a population of roughly 138,600 people and growing it is home to many diverse people and businesses alike. With as much commerce that is taking place in the city of orange comes a strong need for orange printer repair and service companies. Having been called on for a number of years now Laserzone Inc printer repair has answered that call and been one of the most influential providers of orange printer repair and service needs. Orange is home to all vertical markets including health care, financial, governmental, to name a few. Laserzone Inc printer repair services fit well into this need with our unique ability to provide printer repair services across all vertical markets. Having a strong presence in Orange, CA has led itself to many success stories where our printer repair services have dramatically reduced printer downtime as well as impressive cost savings. One such success story is found below.

In 2010 a large Orange accounting firm had contracted Laserzone for its printer repair services. The call was a routine, but costly one, with one of their high volume printers needing a complete overhaul. After speaking with members of the IT department Laserzone found that none of their printers had ever had any maintenance whatsoever. The result was a high demand printer fleet that was hanging on by a thread with a major shutdown looming. With particular high print volume during tax season IT had expressed just how critical it is that these printers do not go down. After running a laserzone Inc printer repair audit we had determined that nearly 75% of the devices were running at critically high page count levels without having received their first maintenance kits or routine cleanings. After proposing our managed print services which includes usage reports and routine PM’s this orange accounting firm was sold. Through our managed print services we were able to bundle the use of printer supplies with printer service and Preventative maintenance visits into one low cost monthly cost per page. Even much more striking was that this accounting firm was able to reduce their current cost per page by nearly 30% and well exceed their needs and expectations:


Neglected printer fleet, with massive down time looming


It has been said that many printer repair and service calls could be avoided with routine cleaning and maintenance visits. Given the high level of importance associated with printer uptime, and the opportunity for bundling repair with service the Managed print service fit perfectly with this orange firms needs. To add icing to the cake Laserzone Inc was able to reduce their total printer repair and supplies costs by nearly 30%

This is one of many orange companies that we provide printer repair service for. Some of the many buildings and corporate parks we provide printer repair and service to are as follows

681 S. Tustin St.
Orange, CA

Manchester Office Building 301 The City Drive - Orange, CA 92868

38 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606, Orange


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