Located in southwestern Los Angeles County, Hawthorne is a medium sized, working class community. Most well known as the hometown of the Wilson brothers of Beach Boys fame. It is close enough to the coast and to the urban sprawl of Los Angeles to contain a wide sweeping cross section of the modern Southern Californian environment. Laserzone has many long-standing relationships in this area. One of out most outstanding success stories of working with Hawthorne's business community is detailed below.
A medium sized home mortgage company in Hawthorne got in touch with Lazerzone  because they were in need of a managed print service to handle all the repair needs of all of their printers including Dell, Brother and HP laserjet. In addition to this they were hoping that the same service could also accommodate all of the print supply orders for them.  They were sick of having to deal with all of the various needs for all of their different printers. We let them know right off that Laserzone could definitely handle all of their managed print service needs and we would send out one of our certified and authorized technicians to take a complete audit of the printing environment. In addition to examining their current usage rates we would help them set up a system of ordering supplies thatmade sense and would save them time. When we arrived at the office we found that their were some obvious instances of print flow inefficiency. For one thing this company was doing a lot of their printing on high cost single function devices. They had other lower cost, higher volume printers that they weren't using as much. By simply re-routing their print flow slightly we enabled this company to cut printing costs by nearly 25%. Then we set up a new system of printer supplies ordering and Laserzone was able to cut supplies costs by 30%. Last we installed our HP managed print softwarso that we could run usage reports and  eliminate all but the most unavoidable orinter downtime. Laserzone was able to save this business nearly 50% on their printing expenses overall and seriously reduce their time allotted to managing their printer repair and service.
This is just one story of how Laserzone has saved Hawthorne businesses money with our hp printer service. Some of the many office buildings we provide service to can be found below.


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