Located in the bustling Mid-Wilshire district of the city of Los Angeles, CA the area previously known as The Wilshire District was rechristened Koreatown in the mid 1970s due to a massive influx of Korean American people and institutions to the area over the preceding years. Home to a population of over 120,000 and covering just under 3-square-miles the population density is one of the highest of all neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Commerce and Industry have always been at the heart of this district's mission statement and the area has reinvigorated itself in recent years with new land re-use policies and “smart growth” programs which have attracted many new businesses and consumers. Due to the high density of businesses in the area Laserzone has had many opportunities to service the printer repair needs of this community over the years.

There is one story that comes to mind illustrating how Laserzone's unique approach to print managing and repair have served our Koreatown clients well.     A regional banking institution with a brach in the area was due for a complete upgrade of their printer repair and supplies services after their main branch had informed them that this was to be handled primarily by each branch. This bank had never had to handle their own print fleet management and had idea how to proceed. After making some calls to other banking institutions for advice they heard about Laserzone from a satisfied customer. Once they had contacted us we learned that they were using mostly Brother printers and Dell Printers for their main printing needs and some Canon, Lexmark and HP Laserjet printers in their private offices. Because many of these printers were single function devices from different brands and various models they had to order printer supplies through nearly 4 different vendors. This bank needed our help and needed it quickly as they were already experiencing some printing issues. We immediately sent one our expert technicians out their branch to take a full audit of their printer fleet and its applied work flow speciafically evaluating how to take advantage of any consolidation opportunities. We found that by implementing a couple HP Laserjet MFP printers we were able to reduce the number of devices they were using from  25 to 10 which not only standardized the kinds of machine that they were using (which made things much more cost/time efficient when it came to repairs), but it also significantly reduced their total cost of ownership by running print jobs through higher volume/lower cost devices. You see, some machines are simply much more cost efficient than others when it comes to high volume printing and they were printing way too much from less cost efficient machines.Between re-routing much of their work flow to their more efficient machines and consolidating printer brands and models, we saved them nearly 50% of their annual print related costs when compared to the records of what their branch had billed the year earlier to their bank's print service provider.

This is just one of the many success stories that Laserzone printer repair has been able to implement for companies in search for Koreatown printer repair and service. Some of the office buildings that we provide printer repair and service to are as follows


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