Lawndale is a city in the Southbay region of the Greater Los Angeles area. The defense industry explosion in the area during the 1980s made this area a highly desireable place to live while the end of the cold war brought it back to a more working class demographic. It is now the home of many offices and businesses that have found the dynamics of the location to be ideal for their business. Laserzone has been providing our superior service to this area for years and below is just one example of how we have developed our outstanding relationship with Lawndale businesses. 

A medical provider was unhappy with the quality of their print service and was seeking out a service that could give them a better standard of service as well as  (hopefully) reducing the rates they had been paying. They had realized recently realized that they were paying much more for Hp printer repair service thatn many of their other regional offices were. It seems they had been assuming that these were fair rates for years but the were being chanrged inflated printer service rates and recieving substandard response time. When they contacted Laserzone we set them straight and let them know with confidence that we could improve upon their situation.  We assured them that we could not only provide reasonable hp laserjet printer repair service rates, but we would also do so in a timely fashion. We had one of our authorized and certified managed print service representatives travel out to their offices and begin a full audit of their document output. We soon discovered that not only was this company being grossly overcharged but the response time was easily twice as long as it needed to be. On top of all this there wasn't even any real system of preventative maintenance in effect and problems were dealt with as they came no matter how inopportune the timing. Basically, they had a time bomb waiting happen at all times and they didn't even know it. After conducting our audit of their print environment the Laserzone team provided this Lawndale medical group with a cost/benefit breakdown that would not only reduce their costs by nearly 20%, reduce response time from 1-2 days to 4 hours, but also prevent almost all instances of printer downtime. Next we installed our HP printer fleet management software we were able to streamline all their printer repair and printer supplies through our service. We also set up a system of usage reports that we could access remotely in order to provide preventative printer maintenance. This way we were able to  eliminate nearly every unexpected printer failure.
The above is just one example of our authorized printer repair service earning the respect and trust of a Lawndale business. Some of the many office buildings that we provide printer service to are as follows


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