Studio City is a mostly residential affluent neighborhood within the city of Los Angeles. Many residents work in film, television, music and other entertainment related industries and, as the name suggests, home to many of the major hollywood studios such as Universal Studios and Warner Brothers Studios. Ventura Boulevard is the neighborhood's principal commercial hub and is the location of many business offices.

The accounting division of an entertainment company was unhappy with their current hp printer repair service which had been charging inflated printer service rates and had been exhibiting worse and worse response time. Printer downtime is a huge problem for accounting department especially during tax time or when there are other deadlines. This Studio City accounting department had been let down too many times by their repair service and were eager to see if they might be able find a better service provider. When they called Laserzone they let us know what they had been charged and how long the response time had been and  we let them know with confidence that we could definitely do better. Right away we had one of our certified managed print service representatives travel to their office and conduct a complete evaluation of their document output systems. We quickly discovered that not only was this company being overcharged there was also no real system of preventative maintenance in place and their print flow was not the most cost efficient. These problems could all lead to major disruptions in  printing. After conducting the evaluation our team provided a report with suggested changes that would not only reduce their print costs by nearly 25% but would also greatly improve their expected response time and virtually eliminate any unexpected downtime. They gave us the go ahead and we installed our HP printer fleet management software and we were able to synchronize all printer repair and printer supplies through one channel. In addition to this we set up a system of usage reports so that we could perform preventative printer maintenance. We are still working with this company today and we have been able to  make good on all of our promises.
The above is one successful print service  story with our Studio City clients.  Some of the many office buildings that we provide printer service to are as follows


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