West Covina ca, a city within Los Angeles County, located approximately 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, is home to a thriving business community due to many of the governments re-development initiatives. Many large companies and dealerships have called West Covina, Ca home in recent years. Due to the high volume of business commencing in West Covina, ca there has been a great demand for HP Printer Repair West Covina authorized and certified printer service centers. Over the many years that Laserzone Inc printer repair has been in business we have provided a wide range of repair services for printer manufacturers including hp laserjet printer repair, hp laserjet multi-function printer repair, brother printer repair, dell printer repair, and Xerox printer repair. Not only have we provided West Covina many break fix printer repair service solutions over the years, but we have also provided many managed print services. Our managed print services have spanned the vertical market in West Covina from financial firms, to manufacturing, health care and educational. Our West Covina managed print service has allowed us to save many companies not only money, but also precious time spent in managing a printer fleet. During the nearly 20 years spent providing printer repair and service solutions we have the tool and expertise to meet nearly any companies needs. One example where we have provided a substantial solution is in the example below.

A large car dealership on West Covina, CA had seen significant growth in recent years and through that growth had come a major accumulation of printing, faxing, and scanning devices. Though the devices that were currently in place were meeting printing, faxing and scanning needs of this company they were not doing so in a practical manner. This company had begun to see its overall costs soar, both in printer service and supplies as well as the man hour costs in managing the environment. The devices that were put in place were inexpensive units, but had extremely inflated supplies and service costs. Even more disturbing was that many of the currently allocated devices were not serviceable and essentially became throw away units. When it was broken down on a black and white and color cost per page basis this company was spending nearly 10 cents on B/W and 25 cents on color. In the printer world these costs are completely out of control and needed to be wrestled in asap. The first step in this process from the standpoint of Laserzone Inc printer repair is for one of our certified and authorized printer service technicians to enter the environment and take a full audit. This process includes taking a complete inventory of all the devices, collecting all service costs, and finally all of the supplies costs. The findings were not shocking. Not only were these devices cross manufacturers ranging from HP printer, Dell printer and brother printer, many of them were the high cost inkjets. The solution would be simple, we needed to consolidate and re-allocate the imaging jobs to Higher volume lower cost HP laserjets MFP printers. After a tally of the printer fleet we were able to eliminate nearly 50% of the devices in place from 45 to 28 while only bringing in 5 high volume HP Laserjet MFP printers. This cut the overall printing costs by almost 80% and the time associated with managing the fleet was all but completely eliminated. After signing up with Laserzone printer repair we installed our HP managed print service monitoring software. This software puts a track on the printing devices in the environment and allows us to view the device status in real time. When problems arise Laserzone printer repair is able to spot them in real-time, place a service request and dispatch a technician within 2 hours. Our software, not only allows us to manage critical errors, but it also enables us to set usage reports and perform critical maintenance before the printer ever breaks down. This is how we are able to essentially eliminate downtime within a printer fleet environment. All in all this is only one of many West Covina printer repair and service success stories. Some of the business locations we provide printer service and repair to are found below.

150 GRAND AVENUE, West Covina, CA 91791
2646 E. Garvey Ave. S., West Covina, CA 91791
1433 West Merced Avenue, West Covina, CA 91790


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